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L&H Station Development Moves Forward

L&H Station Development Gains Media Attention on the Future of Midtown Development




BKV Group‘s Jack Boarman was recently interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune for involvement in the L&H Development.  The 6.5 acre site is located adjacent to the Midtown Light Rail station and bordered by Lake Street, Hiawatha Avenue, 31st Street, and 22nd Avenue South.  BKV Group presented a new master plan of the project during a recent Corcoran Neighborhood meeting. The vision for the L&H Station Development is a transit oriented, mixed-use project combining market rate, affordable, and senior residential with office, commercial and the Midtown Farmers’ Market. It is through this combination of uses that the highest and best value will be established for the site and the surrounding community. The overall development plan includes 450 to 550 housing units, 100,000 sq ft of office space, 10,000 sq ft of retail and a public transit plaza.  In the latest plan, this plaza area is 40% larger than what was originally proposed for the site, allowing for additional green space and an expanded market.  Hennepin County will be an anchor tenant in the office building, opening up a Regional Service Center at the L&H Station Development.  BKV Group and Launch Properties are excited for the project to move forward.


Star Tribune Article – L & H Station Development:


Finance & Commerce - L & H Station Development:





Green Roof at The Penfield Highlights Design Trend

Green Roof at The Penfield Gains Attention of Local Expert


green roof_Penfield_Terrace_View

Green roofs contribute to many sustainable benefits that are commonly used in today’s design trends for residential and commercial buildings. Green roofs provide waste diversion, storm water management, moderation of urban heat island effect, improved air quality, energy efficiency, increased roofing membrane durability, fire retardation, and introduce the opportunity for new amenity spaces for multifamily and mixed-use structures.  BKV Group has incorporated green roof designs into many of its residential and mixed-use projects that allow for green roofs’ energy-efficient elements to benefit the surrounding communities.

Recently the green roof at The Penfield, a 254-unit mixed-use apartment community, was mentioned in the Pioneer Press amongst the reputable green roof for the Target Center. The article introduces an owner of a Minnesota-based green roof design and maintenance business, Angie Durhman, who has been recently hired by the City of St. Paul to conduct a study of The Penfield’s green roof.

The Penfield’s green roof design incorporates a monitoring system that collects data about the green roof’s performance. This system also provides information about soil moisture and records several temperatures such as air temperature and roof surface temperature, along with relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and solar radiation. Weather station data loggers have been installed and additional sensors monitor rainfall, air temperature/RH, wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation. The monitoring of the roof surface is intended to track ceiling air temperature, relative humidity below the roof, and the green roof membrane temperature. Measurements of green roof drainage performance, soil volumetric water content, soil temperature, air temperature and RH above the green roof are also recorded. The data is then transferred to a user-friendly website managed through a geo-database by green roof consultants like Ms. Durhman.












Owatonna Public Library Celebrates 114 years with New Renovations by BKV Group

Owatonna Public Library Celebrates 114 years with a Grand Opening

Owatonna Public Library_1-web

The Owatonna Public Library will host a celebration of 114 years during the grand opening on February 22nd to showcase the new interior renovations completed by BKV Group.  The desire to make “the space more usable,” grants from the Otto Bremer Foundation and the Owatonna Public Library Foundation helped the library fund the ambitions for interior renovations.  BKV Group’s philosophy of team collaboration resonated with Owatonna’s need to create open and collaborative community spaces as well as efforts to incorporate new library technology trends.  Having completed the Owatonna Library addition in 1991, BKV Group’s continued work includes new carpet, wall finishes, built in book and art display, gas fireplace, window treatments, unique built in seating for patrons and all new furniture. The Teen Room was given special attention to as for finishes and technology.  It was given a vibrant palette along with cool, teen friendly technology such as IPod/IPhone charging stations, computer collaborative software, green screen recording technology and sound directing domes for filtered listening.The Gainey Room which is the 3rd floor large meeting room is special to the town of Owatonna and use by many.  It is the only free of charge room like it in the city and is used heavily throughout the year.  Along with finishes and furniture, technology was a large part of this rooms renovation which we collaborated with Tierney brothers for and incorporated a new highly advanced touch screen podium, projection and sound system.




Skyway Open – BKV Group Enters in the Mini-golf Design Competition

Skyway Open hosts BKV Group’s Mill District Mini-golf Hole Design



“Minneapolis Neighborhoods: Putt the City” is the theme for the 8th Annual US Bank Skyway Open in Minneapolis which opens  Friday, February 21st and runs through Sunday, February 23rd.   BKV Group will be returning as a participant for the mini-golf hole design competition. The BKV design team constructed a golf hole that models the Mill District, the birthplace of Minneapolis, and celebrates the unique building types and history of the area. Golfers start the course at the Gold Medal Flour sign where their ball begins a random path through a series of piping; depending on the path the ball takes, the golfer will begin above Saint Anthony Falls near the Third Ave Bridge, or below the falls near the Stone Arch Bridge. From there, they putt their way to the finish in Gold Medal Park.  All proceeds from the 3-day event benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities.  Many thanks to the design team for the innovative design & construction

BKV Group Design Team: Namdi Alexander, Tia Bell, Roger Brandel, Gretchen Camp, Brent Carlson, Megan Fliegel, Brady Halverson, Mike Healy, Greg Lecker, Jeff Schuler, Sarah Tracey, Eric Wikan, Ellie Ziaie




Michael Krych, AIA, Discusses Lifestyle Living Innovation with Multi-Housing News

Michael Krych, AIA, Discusses Lifestyle Living Innovation with Multi-Housing News

Michael Krych-MHN
“Pre-fabricated balcony/railing systems on VUE helped to keep the overall project cost down, while providing the expected luxury lifestyle amenities.” – Michael Krych, AIA

In a recent Multi-Housing News publication article entitled “Development & Design: The Trends to Watch in 2014,” MHN Contributing Editor Jeffrey Steele interviewed the industry’s leading architects and developers about the latest trends in multi-family housing projects across the country.

BKV Group’s Michael Krych, AIA, was among the multi-family design leaders interviewed. He discussed the use of componentized construction – building pre-fabricated components such as wall panels, balconies, baths, and kitchens – off site and then shipping them to the construction site and installed in place. This provides a more cost-effective means of providing the upscale lifestyle amenity spaces today’s renters come to expect, such as enclosed pools, fire pits, water features, rooftop sky parks, clubrooms, and fitness centers.

Krych has over twenty years of national award-winning residential, urban design experience. His career has focused on urban design and development for multi-family and mixed-use developments. As the design partner for major multi-family housing projects such as Flux, Mill District City Apartments, Eitel Building City Apartments, and VUE, he has helped to propel BKV Group to the forefront in multi-family housing design innovation.

MHN Article – MHN News January 2014 Issue

Multi-Housing News Archive



Heart Bombing at Schmidt Brewery Lofts

Heart Bombing at Schmidt Brewery Lofts Celebrates Twin Cities’ Historic Projects


BKV Group is delighted to announce that our Schmidt Brewery Lofts project has been a part of the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (PAM) showcase to “shower love” on historic building throughout the Twin Cities metro area. The Schmidt Brewery Lofts are a part of a historic renovation complex project that includes two primary buildings, the Bottling House and the Brew House. BKV Group was selected to provide design concepts for converting both structures into residential buildings for Artists’ Lofts.

Star Tribune announced that Monday, February 10th, Schmidt hosted the celebration to kickoff the heart bombing of buildings that is intended to be on public display for a couple of weeks. Heart bombing has been introduced to the Twin Cities as a new effort for PAM to bring attention to and show appreciation for the many historical buildings within Minnesota.

Star Tribure Feature of Schmidt’s Heart bombing: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/244297671.html


The Penfield Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Reignites Lifestyle Living in Downtown St. Paul

The Penfield Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – BKV Group

The Penfield_Grand-Opening_web

BKV Group is proud to announce that our latest multi-family housing project, The Penfield, recently hosted its ribbon cutting ceremony.  Mayor Chris Coleman and City Council members cut the ribbon on Thursday, February 6, 2014.  The six-story development consists of 254 market-rate apartments, a one-story 27,500 square foot Lund’s grocery store and 330 enclosed parking spaces. The total area of the project is approximately 406,000 square feet.  Located in downtown St. Paul on East 10th Street and Robert Street North,  the site once served as the Public Safety/St. Paul Police building. The facade of the former public safety building was incorporated into the new design. Owned by The Penfield LLC/St. Paul HRA and managed by Village Green, the $62 million dollar project solidified a new lifestyle living standard for downtown St. Paul’s residential market.



Cold Weather Concrete: BKV Group Construction Science Tip of the Week

Cold Weather Concrete: BKV Group Construction Science Tip of the Week


Cold weather affects concrete in many ways.   Hydration is slowed or stopped during cold temperatures, which impacts finishing and curing times.  It is essential to protect concrete during early curing to maintain a quality product.


- Scott Cataline, BKV Group CA Department


Greg Lecker Joins BKV Group Minneapolis As Electrical Lighting Designer


BKV Group is honored to announce Greg Lecker has joined their team as an Electrical Lighting Designer.  Greg has won several awards from the International Illumination Design and brings a wealth of experience in numerous project types and diverse scales.   Greg Lecker balances the technical demands of contemporary facilities with the passion for aesthetically pleasing environments. His experience in commercial, corporate, cultural, educational, medical and retail projects illustrates his cooperation with the design team to ensure that lighting systems meet the needs and expectations of owners and users.  Prior to joining BKV Group, Greg was a lighting design specialist with Michaud Cooley Erickson in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A few of Greg’s project highlights include Woodwinds Hospital, Woodbury, MN; Regions Hospital, St. Paul, MN; Minneapolis City Council Chambers, Minneapolis, MN, Mankato Civic Center and Arena, Mankato, MN; Grain Belt Brewery Renovation, Minneapolis, MN; Cathedral of St. Paul, MN; Cargill Corporation, Minnetonka, MN.

As a Lighting Certified LEED Accredited Professional, Greg annually provides educational programs for the local Building Owners and Managers Association, most recently, presenting “Going Green:  Daylighting, Lighting Controls, and Light Bulbs”.  Greg has a bachelor of architectural engineering from Pennsylvania State University.